The Motivo Story

Our CEO and Co-Founder, Rachel McCrickard, created Motivo after spending a year driving two hours to get to the closest supervisor. Rachel knew there had to be a better way to complete her supervision requirements and, a few years later, Motivo was born.

Motivo (mō-tea-vō) means “foundation” in Portuguese and we chose the name with intention. We believe clinical supervision is the foundation of a therapist’s career, and that starts with having access to the right supervisor, not just the one closest by.

We are excited to build a world where supervision hours aren’t simply a box you check on the road toward licensure, but rather a formative experience that guides and develops you into the clinician you want to become.

Our Investors
COX Enterprises Inc
Steel Sky Ventures
Great Oaks Venture Capital
The Jump Fund - Women Investing in Women
SEI - New Ways. New Answers.

Our Leadership Team

Portrait of Rachel McCrickard

Rachel McCrickard, LMFT

Chief Executive Officer

Portrait of Mike Chen

Mike Chen

Chief Technical Officer

Carla Smith, Ph.D, LCSW, LMFT

Chief Clinical Officer

Our mission is to solve the shortage of mental health providers.

Invest in Impact

We are committed to our cause of solving the shortage of mental health providers and we focus on the areas that yield the most impactful results.

Dig Deep

We intentionally foster an environment of self-work and cultural humility. We are curious and introspective. We engage in lifelong learning. 

Take Ownership

When we see a problem, we feel empowered to fix it. We trust each other to make the right decisions.

Think like a Therapist

We are empathic, open-minded, and honest. We use direct, clear and kind communication and we always assume good intent.

Motivo doesn’t end here.

Don’t just take our word for it...

Read what our therapists have to say about their Motivo supervisors.

“Ashley is an amazing supervisor. I will be sad when I don’t need her services any longer— she’s that good.”
- Julie J. -
“Dr. Fessler is so helpful as a supervisor. She’s thoughtful, kind, and wise. I love having her as my supervisor.”
- Michelle R. -
“Desiree is an amazing supervisor and I am so glad to have been assigned to her by my agency. She is great!”
- Darice U. -

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