Supervision Coverage Policy

Last Updated on July 11, 2023
This policy will give Motivo clinical supervisors guidance in the event you need supervisor coverage. It is important to understand your board requirements related to supervision coverage. Some boards require notification or specific documentation when supervision coverage is provided.

Clinical supervisors are responsible for rescheduling or securing coverage for any missed sessions, planned or unplanned. Motivo is available to assist in finding coverage for absences longer than 30 days.
Clinical supervisors should make every effort to find coverage for any missed sessions. This is best practice for four reasons:
  1. Supervisors have a great opportunity to communicate with their supervisees and prioritize their needs while securing coverage.
  2. State board regulations vary on coverage and continuity of supervision sessions.
  3. Supervisees might need guidance on how to document supervisor absences.
  4. Continuity in supervision often impacts the continuity of care for clients in treatment.
Motivo is not responsible for finding coverage for supervision. We want to offer assistance for any clinical supervisor that will be unable to hold supervision sessions for more than 30 days. If such assistance is needed, let us know in advance. Please also make sure to check with the board about having an interim supervisor. 
  • Consider opportunities to reschedule supervision within the same week or month, given board requirements 
    • Are there other days you can seem your supervisees in the same week?
    • Be mindful of your state regulations on supervisor coverage. Are there any state board rules to consider when rescheduling? For example, some boards require x amount of supervision hours in a week.
    • Are there any requirements by the employer (or their payer source) you need to consider when rescheduling?
  • If you’ve exhausted your options and need some assistance, follow these steps:
    • Inform the Motivo employer care manager and organization
    • Use the Motivo community to connect with other supervisors
    • Use your network to find coverage
      • If you find someone in your network, they will need to first apply here. They will then go through Motivo’s internal vetting process, before approval is granted.
      • Contact with the dates you will be abscent, how many supervisees will need an interim supervisor and if they are associated with an organization so we can expedite their application and onboarding process.
Here are some resources we’ve compiled to assist you:
Be advised that an absence of more than thirty (30) days may result in removal from the role of supervisor for that particular supervision opportunity. For extended leave – parental, medical, bereavement leave, etc. – we will do our best to assist in making a plan that first prioritizes the supervisee.
If the supervisor is out for one month or more, we will search for a new supervisor to meet your needs, as we understand this can be problematic in seeing clients. If they’d like to keep the supervisor then they can miss supervision and continue upon the supervisor’s return.

If you have an internal supervisor who meets the requirements for the supervisee to see clients they are welcome to step in. It is important to understand your board requirements related to supervisor coverage. Some boards require notification or specific documentation when supervisor coverage is provided.
Please reach out to with any questions or concerns. 

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