Supervisor Code of Conduct

Last Updated on June 20, 2023
  • Motivo Supervisors adhere to the Code of Ethics set forth by professional associations and state licensure boards, as well as Motivo’s code of conduct and the Supervisor Terms and Conditions.
  • Motivo Supervisors honor the importance of their role, understanding that their work is foundational to building the next generation of strong, ethical, and well-trained mental health providers.
  • Motivo Supervisors conduct supervision sessions with Motivo supervisees on Motivo and only with other Motivo supervisees. Motivo supervisees are not able to do sessions with outside supervisees.
  • Motivo Supervisors ensure supervision is a safe space for all and have zero tolerance for comments or behavior that discriminate against race, culture, religion, sexual orientation, gender or identity.

  • Motivo Supervisors agree to offer affordable accessible supervision in congruence with Motivo’s rates and do not request additional compensation from those they choose to supervise.

  • Motivo Supervisors value clear, direct, and kind communication and feel comfortable addressing issues relevant to a clinician’s professional practice that might arise during supervision.

  • Motivo Supervisors find coverage as needed when taking a leave of absence for any period of time, if their leave is to effect their supervisee in seeing clients. 
  • Motivo Supervisors demonstrate respect for supervisees time by arriving on time to each supervision session and limiting session cancellations or reschedules to rare occasions.
  • Motivo Supervisors come prepared for clinical supervision sessions and guide supervisees through the clinical development process. This might include establishing goals and objectives with supervisees, sharing resources, or creating an agenda for supervision sessions.
  • Motivo Supervisors monitor their bandwidth of taking on supervision and commit accordingly to ensure that the supervisee is provided the stability and consistency needed to complete their clinical supervision hours.
  • Motivo Supervisors ask for clarity from Motivo when they are unsure of expectations or need guidance on how to handle a situation with a supervisee and/or their employer.
  • Motivo Supervisors inform Motivo directly if they are no longer able to provide supervision to a supervisee and/or a mental health employer, allowing at least 30 days time to establish a smooth transition plan to a new supervisor.
  • Motivo Supervisors are welcome to contact with any technical issues they experience regarding the platform.,

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