California Mental Health Services Authority (CalMHSA) and Motivo Health Partner to Offer Statewide Remote Clinical Supervision

Published on May 23, 2023
Written by Rachel McCrickard, LMFT


(California, May 23, 2023) – Motivo Health has collaborated with the California Mental Health Services Authority (CalMHSA) to offer remote clinical supervision services across all 58 counties in California. This partnership provides associate level therapists and social workers with access to quality clinical supervision through Motivo Health’s network.

“We are confident our partnership with Motivo Health will help us achieve our goal of improving access to public behavioral health systems and programs for all Californians,” said Lucero Robles, Director of Quality from CalMHSA. “Motivo’s platform offers an effective approach to clinical supervision, which has a direct impact on strengthening the mental health workforce in California. We look forward to working together to support our member counties.”

Following graduate school, all masters-level therapists and social workers are required to complete mandatory supervision hours to obtain licensure. A crucial part of the licensure process is having the right supervisor. Many California counties struggle to find enough clinical supervisors to meet this need. A lack of adequate supervision limits the hiring potential for county mental health providers and can have a negative impact on access to mental health services.

This strategic partnership between CalMHSA and Motivo addresses a significant challenge pre-licensed therapists face in accessing quality clinical supervision, particularly those in rural and underserved communities. The partnership aims to streamline the licensure process by leveraging remote supervision and increasing the number of fully licensed therapists ready to serve in California.

“At Motivo, our mission is to increase the number of licensed mental health providers across the country,” said Rachel McCrickard, CEO and Co-Founder of Motivo Health. “This partnership represents a significant step towards expediting the licensure process for pre-licensed therapists in California. We are thrilled to partner with CalMHSA to help solve the shortage of mental health providers across the state.”

This collaborative initiative promotes inclusivity within California’s healthcare system by expanding the network of licensed mental health professionals. It highlights the commitment of both CalMHSA and Motivo Health to provide innovative solutions in addressing challenges in mental health care delivery.

Utilizing Motivo’s secure platform, clinicians and supervisors can seamlessly communicate, document notes, and track progress toward licensure. The platform enables remote supervision sessions, granting therapists the flexibility to fulfill licensure requirements regardless of location or license type. This advancement holds immense potential to enhance supervision delivery and access to mental health services within California.

For more information about CalMHSA or Motivo Health, please visit their websites at and

About CalMHSA

The California Mental Health Services Authority is a Joint Powers of Authority formed in 2009 by counties throughout the state to work on collaborative, multi-county projects that improve behavioral health care for all Californians. By pooling resources, forging partnerships, and leveraging technical expertise on behalf of counties, CalMHSA develops strategies and programs with an eye toward transforming community mental health; creates cross-county innovations; and is dedicated to addressing equity to better meet the needs of our most vulnerable populations. Learn more at

About Motivo Health

Motivo Health is a leading provider of virtual clinical supervision dedicated to supporting therapists throughout the licensure process. Traditionally, therapists were required to complete supervised hours in person, but with the rise of digital health, virtual supervision has become standard in most states. With a core mission to address the shortage of licensed mental health providers, Motivo has helped over 5,000 aspiring therapists obtain the hours needed to become licensed therapists. Motivo has built a network of over 1,200+ vetted, high-quality clinical supervisors across all 50 states and proudly partners with over 130 organizations, including behavioral health organizations, health plans, treatment centers, and digital health companies, to provide remote clinical supervision. To learn more about Motivo Health and our virtual clinical supervision services, please visit our website at

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