Learn How to Help the 57% of Graduates Who Never Attain Licensure

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What problems are new graduates facing and how do weremove these barriers to make way for a new generationof mental healthcare providers?

Mental health is a critical issue in our society, and the shortage of licensed therapists is a significant challenge. With this thorough white paper, you’ll receive a different viewpoint on the matter, along with practical recommendations that you can implement to make a positive impact. With the right approach, we can work together to increase the availability of licensed therapists and improve the overall well-being of our communities.

Gain a deeper understanding of the causes of the therapist shortage

As the demand for help from clinicians is increasing, mental health workers are exiting the field. Learn about the impact of the mental health therapist shortage on communities, groups and individuals.

Learn about the unique challenges faced by recent graduates

What barriers dissuade new mental health workers from their goals when they are so close, when they’ve invested time and money into obtaining a degree, and when their services are needed?

Discover practical solutions to help overcome the shortage

Only 1.6% of those surveyed said they found the field wasn’t a good fit for them. Almost every respondent would’ve liked to continue in mental health work. How can the road between graduation and licensure be made easier for them?

Get actionable insights you can use to make a difference in your community

57% do not make it to licensure after earning their master’s degree. It’s not just faulty preparation. Behavioral healthcare needs to look at how to help the next generation of mental health workers.

“Demand for mental health and substance use treatment is greater than ever. But we are unable to meet that historic demand, due in part to a shortage of therapists. Identifying and eliminating barriers that prevent people from obtaining their license to become a therapist is one significant hurdle we must overcome. The sooner we resolve this long-standing problem the better. Our well-being depends on it.“

Chuck Ingoglia, MSW

President and CEO
National Council for Mental Wellbeing

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