August 18, 2022

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It's a big day for Motivo!

August 18, 2022


By: Rachel McCrickard

Hi, friends!

Today, we are thrilled to share some wonderful news. Motivo has raised a round of funding – $14 million to be exact – to deepen and expand our mission.

When I started Motivo in 2018, I had one clear goal in mind – to increase the number of licensed mental health professionals in our world.

I remember the long, arduous process of finding quality, accessible clinical supervision – and my deepest hope was that Motivo could make the road a little bit easier for future clinicians.

Then, as the idea came into fruition, “I” turned to “we.”

I’m proud to say that, together, we have helped over 2,500 therapists obtain licensure through Motivo.

You may be wondering:

  • What does “a round of funding” mean?
  • Why does this matter?
  • What is the plan for the future?
Our executive team recorded a short little video to answer those very questions…
Friends, none of this is possible without you.
We are so grateful to know you and to work with you. We never want to lose sight of what’s most important here – which is you. We are here to serve you and to partner alongside you in your journey as a clinician – in whatever way we can.
We also want to acknowledge that you have chosen to invest your time, skills, and resources here – and we have a responsibility to be a company you feel proud to be associated with.
To that end, we put together some commitments we want to make to you as members of our Motivo community. It’s called our Commitment to the Motivo Community. Check it out below.
If you have any questions or feedback for me, know I’m all ears. I love hearing from you.
With gratitude,
Rachel McCrickard, LMFT
Our Commitment to the Motivo Community
👩‍💼 We commit to ensuring clinicians have a seat at the table for all important decisions made by the company. For us, this means having licensed clinicians in C-suite positions, as well as in various departments throughout the company.
🌎 We commit to valuing people over profits. For us, this means only accepting outside funding from investors who align with our mission of solving the shortage of mental health professionals.
🔒 We commit to protecting the data and privacy of our users. For us, this means being transparent about what data we collect, only collecting what we need to improve Motivo and your supervision journey, and never, ever sell your data to third parties.
“Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.”
– Theodore Roosevelt –

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