The Things We Use to Numb

Dr. Carla and Rachel peel back the layers of our lives to explore a topic that’s both universal and deeply personal.

Thoughts on Rejection

Dr. Carla  and Rachel share their thoughts on rejection – when and how it occurs, and what thoughts and emotions it brings up for us.

When Anger Comes Out Sideways

Rachel and Carla discuss anger: a basic human emotion. However, it can be difficult to learn how and when to express it effectively.

Thoughts on Aging

Rachel and Carla get to talking about the process of getting older – how society views it and how they feel about it.

A Crack in Everything

Dr. Carla and Rachel unpack a well known song lyric from “Anthem” by Leonard Cohen which says, “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

Inspired by this, they examine the profound ability to find value in challenging times and also emphasize the significance of acknowledging and understanding the pain we all go through.

Safe Spaces

Together, Rachel & Dr. Carla explore how to cultivate safe spaces, both for yourself, and for others, and why safe spaces matter.

Trauma Responses

Together, Rachel & Dr. Carla explore what trauma responses are (and what they are not), how to identify and address them, and why it matters.

Not-So-Micro Aggressions

Rachel & Carla talk about micro-aggressions and take a look at the impact that micro-aggressions have on others. We explore how to address micro-aggressions in the clinical setting.

Going Home Again

Co-hosts Rachel and Carla discuss their insight on various topics surrounding family and “home”. Join us as we dig deep into discussions surrounding family of origin, family roles, and the impact on personality development in later relationships.

Pride, But We Are Not Happy

Rachel and Dr. Carla host their very first guest: Motivo’s very own Mack Bayda. Mack discusses his valuable insight into the current experiences of numerous LGBTQ+ individuals, especially as various states implement laws that limit the personal freedoms of transgender people. 

In addition, Mack humbly shares his experience as an actor working alongside Tom Hanks in his role as “Malcolm” in “A Man Called Otto”.

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